The Ski Museum reopens i December 2023. Get ready for some big changes. Illustration: Snøhetta

The Ski Museum celebrates 100 year 

The Ski Museum is the worlds oldest museum for skis and opened for the first time the 2.December 1923. The 2.December 2023 the Ski Museum celebrates 100 years. The architect Snøhetta has drawn the new museum that will open on the museums anniversary.

Text: Trine Rom Giving/Illustration: Snøhetta

Published 11/17/2023

In November 2022 the renovation of the Ski Museum started. The museum is located underneath the Holmenkollen Ski Jump,shot into the mountains. In December 2023 the museum will re-open with a new and modern exhibition about polar expeditions and the ski history. The new exhibition will also display the oldest ski that has been found in Norway, the Drevja ski, that is over 5000 years old. 

In addition to the exhibition a brand new cafe will open and a much bigger entrance for the guests. The building itself will get an exciting facade, that illustrates the old way to make wooden skis, and is created by the Norwegian architect firm Snøhetta.  

Holmenkollen and the Ski Museum 

Holmenkollen and the Ski Museum is one of Norways most visited attractions and is an important part of the Norwegian ski history. Every year about one million people visit the attraction and about 172 000 people buy a ticket to get in to the museum. Holmenkollen attract guests that are interested in history,architecture,sport and culture. With a new modern exhibition and a renovated building we hope to offer a place that is a must visit in Oslo.

The history of the museum

The first Ski Museum was located at Frognerseteren and moved to Holmenkollen in 1951. The Assosiation For The Promoting Of Skiing was the founder of the Ski Museum and they received uniqe items from Fridtjof Nansens and Roald Amundsens private collection and polar expeditions. The museum house over 4000 years of ski history displayed in a variety of exhibitions from the polar expeditions to how the climate has changed the winters.

Holmenkollen is still open for guests

During the renovation period you can still visit Holmenkollen. The jump tower are still open for guests and you are able to enjoy Oslos best view over the city. Please read more about the opening hours and what you can experience here.