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Bjørndalen vant alle de tre rennene i Kollen under siste og avsluttende World Cup i Skiskyting.

  • Av: Jøran Elisabet Lund   | 26.03.2006 16:24   Biathlon

Please look at our new web page www.biathlon-holmenkollen.no Here you will find information about the World Cup

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 17.11.2005 12:34   Biathlon

The program is now ready:

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 27.06.2005 12:14   Biathlon

Ole Einar Bjørndalen conquers Holmenkollen in convincing fashion with a win on the sprint.

  • Av: Øyvind Aas   | 11.12.2004 14:30   Biathlon

The two Olgas, Zaitseva and Pyleva secured a Russian double on the women's sprint in Holmnekollen today.

  • Av: Øyvind Aas   | 11.12.2004 11:01   Biathlon

The German team won both the mens and the ladies normal distance in Holmenkollen today.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 09.12.2004 16:20   Biathlon

The deadline for moving the Biathlon World Cup races from Holmenkollen to Beitostølen was on November 29th. Due to snowfall and cold weather the last few weeks the races will go as scheduled in Holmenkollen the 2nd weekend in December.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 30.11.2004 15:01   Biathlon

Three Norwegian biatletes led by Norway's fastest ski skater, Lars berger will compete for podium spots in the regular cross country World Cup this weekend in Kuusamo, Finland.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 24.11.2004 12:43   Biathlon

The IBU Biathlon World Cup in Holmenkollen from December 9 to 12th is running as planned in a snowcovered Holmenkollen.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 22.11.2004 09:11   Biathlon

Spain has entered a Biathlon National team for the first time in Holmenkollen history.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 22.10.2004 10:49   Biathlon

It is now possible to download both the press invitation and the accreditation form off the skiforeningen website.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 19.10.2004 09:50   Biathlon

The ticket sales for the Biathlon World Cup in Holmenkollen December 9-12 opens Monday October 4th at www.billettservice.no or any local Norwegian post office. Tickets for travel agencies and fan-groups must be booked through this e-mail vibeke.ulrichsen@skiforeningen.no

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 23.09.2004 12:57   Biathlon

All the IBU member countries have now recieved the invitation to the Biathlon World Cup in Holmenkollen.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 15.09.2004 13:09   Biathlon

The day-to-day program for the BWC finals is now ready. Together with the program you will find ticket information; prices and how to order.
- Program and ticket information

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 06.11.2003 12:00   Biathlon

Holmenkollen will organise the World Cup Final 2003-2004. The competitions are as follows: Sprint - Thursday, Pursuit - Saturday and Mass start on Sunday

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 16.05.2003 12:00   Biathlon

No less than seven members of the same family have been at work in Holmenkollen this weekend. One has even been flown in from England.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 16.02.2003 12:00   Biathlon

The Norwegians were eager to revenge yesteardays results, and delivered a strong team effort in todays pursuit. The german Sven Fischer advanced one place from yeasterdays sprint, and became number two today. The young norwegian Stian Eckhoff came in as number 3.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 16.02.2003 12:00   Biathlon

The Russian womens team took a sovereign victory in todays relay. With two extra shootings on four legs, Russia finished almost a whole minute before Belarus. France finished third, while the Norwegian girls ended on a 7th place.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 13.02.2003 12:00   Biathlon

The four members on the mens team from Belarus, Alexel Aidarov, Vladimir Dratchev, Rustam Valiullin og Oleg Ryzhenkov, didn’t need more than four extra shootings all together. They finished first, Russia came in second place and Norway finished third.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 13.02.2003 12:00   Biathlon

Already in november we could go skiing in Holmenkollen, and in beginning of January we had around 80 cm snow.

  • Av: Skiforeningen   | 30.01.2003 12:00   Biathlon
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