King Bjørndalen of Holmenkollen

Ole Einar Bjørndalen conquers Holmenkollen in convincing fashion with a win on the sprint.

A perfect race for Bjørndalen on the sprint.
- I am very pleased with the race today, said Bjørndalen after winning the 10 kilometre sprint with more than a minute to spare to Raphael Poiree. The semi-Norwegian Frenchman missed one target on the first shooting, but still managed a second place.
A charging Halvard Hanevold also missed one target, but still felt it was a close to perfect race.
- It's not perfect if it isn't zero, but this race today is one of the best I've done, Hanevold said delighted, after the race.

Hanevold is coming into some serious form and hope to keep the pressure up all through the season. With the world championships in March the biathletes have a long season ahead of them.
- There are 25-30 races to go, so the challenge is to keep it going all the way, Hanevold said.

Lars berger made the Norwegian day complete with a surprisingly good eight place. Berger has struggled with a soar troath for a month, but the fast Norwegian came good today.
-I haven't been taking any medication, just drink a lot of varm water. With two penalty laps on the second shooting, Berger had a fast skiing time. Coming into the second shooting Berger went all out and shot his five shots really fast, a Berger special.

Two penalty laps,still managing eight place Berger proves he is back on track.


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Biathlon - eldre nyheter

11 Des 2004

Russian one and two in Holmenkollen

Av Øyvind Aas | Biathlon

The two Olgas, Zaitseva and Pyleva secured a Russian double on the women's sprint in Holmnekollen today.

09 Des 2004

Germans dominate on first day in Holmenkollen

Av Skiforeningen | Biathlon

The German team won both the mens and the ladies normal distance in Holmenkollen today.

30 Nov 2004

IBU Biathlon World Cups in Holmenkollen is going as planned.

Av Skiforeningen | Biathlon

The deadline for moving the Biathlon World Cup races from Holmenkollen to Beitostølen was on November 29th. Due to snowfall and cold weather the last few weeks the races will go as scheduled in Holmenkollen the 2nd weekend in December.