Holmenkollmarsjen consist of two distances, 52 km and 25 km. You can read about both distances here. You will find maps of the tracks at the bottom.

Holemkollmarsjen 52 km – 3000 places.

54 km with a maximum participation of 3000 athletes The track provides a challenging trip through the most beautiful part of Marka, the Nature around Oslo.

Group 1 starts at 8.15 and next groups starts with a gap of 5 minutes. Every group has a maximum of 200 skiiers and seeding has been completed before start based on earlier results in Holmenkollmasjen and Birkebeinerrennet. (Please remember to register your Birk-id if you have an ID when you make your registration). Please be aware that participants at age above 65 starts at 8.

The race starts in Sørkedalen and follows the river in the beginning and then goes north of Sandbråtan to Skansebakke. From Skansebakke to Hegglivann the track follows Gråsetervegen and is steep after about 5 km. SWIX provides wax support at the beginning of the steep part. The track crosses Nordre Heggelivann and continue over Skamrek, a small lake, and passes an easy part of the track towards Storflåtan where you will be served drinks and food. The tracks turn east after Storflåtan and passes via Bleiksjøen and down to Auretjernet before you follow the tracks to Langlia.. After a gentle up-hill in beatiful nature, you will enjoy a long part of the track with easy skiing against Langlia where you can enjoy another feeding station. From there you will enter a new up-hill part to Kveldroshøgda and from there to Knappavegen where you follow the road down to the bridge between Vestre- and Østre Fyllingen where you again can enjoy a feeding and drinking station.

The track will then continue to Kobberhaugsmyra and another feed and drinking station. Then you continue by passing Blankvannsbråtan and the up-hill to Tryvann and the last feeding and drinkingstation. From Tryvann, the track continues to Frønsvollen and then into the main world championship tracks down to the finish in Holmenkollen arena.


Holmenkollmarsjen 25 km - 1500 places

This is the distance for those who want to experience a ski competition with less stress and more space in the track. The first start is at 1030 and new groups starts thereafter with an interval of 10 minutes. Open starting takes place between 1100 and 1200 where your time of start will be automatically registered when passing the start line. As normal, this race has regular 10% premiering and statuettes, but does not apply as seeding for Birkebeinerrennet.


The start is at Elveli in Sørkedalen. After about 300 m, the track start rising on the Heikampvegen It is about 3 km with steady incline before the track becomes flat along the Råkollen and over the Hansemyra. The trail goes down Tjuvdalen and out on Fyllingen. There is a drinking station in the area which is shared with the 54km track. The trail goes together with 54 km towards Kobberhaugsmyra where you will find a food- and drinking station where United Bakeries will provide nice refills. Further ahead, the track runs above the Blankvannsbråtan and rises gradually towards Tryvann and the last drinking station. From Tryvann, the track goes towards Frønsvollen before it enters the world championship trails down to the finish in Holmenkollen.