Start area for 54 and 25 km

Both starts going from Sørkedalen and is located about 1.5 km from each other. Buses run first to start 54 km and then to start 25 km.

Remember to bring warm clothes!

We remind you that there is no indoor room at the start, so remember to bring warm cloths. It is often 5-7 degrees colder in Sørkedalen than in Oslo and we recommend everyone to wear a warm winter jacket and warm mittens before the start. Check updated weather forecast here, and here you can find a weather station for Sørkedalen that shows the temperature right now.

Before you start.

 It varies how much time each participant would like to have at the start, but you have to calculate the time to:

  • find the luggage car for your group and put down your tagged luggage there.
  • go down to the start field and find the right starting wave. Calculate some extra time if you are in the first few groups as there will be many who want to stand in front.

In addition, you may want to set aside time for:

  • The finishing touches on the wax.
  • Testing of ski and easy warming up to the race.
  • Lavatory.
  • Refill of energy just before the start.
  • Companionable talk with others at the start.

What else will you find in the start area?

 -Skiforeningen will establish an information area, in a tent, and will give you answers to small (and large) practical questions you might have.

-Swix will provide wax tips and hints, but remember that you must prepare your skis by yourself. 

-Information will be given about start times, temperatures in the trail and other practical information via load speakers.