Seeding is used for you to come in the right starting group, along with those that are on the same performance level as you, which creates better flow and a better experience for all participants, regardless of level.

The Holmenkollmarsjen has dynamic seeding and hence the time requirements can be changed if there are more than assumed that have better times. There is a maximum size of each starting group.

Final grouping take place on Tuesday 6. February 2018. Log into your profile on the web to check group. Anyone who wants seeding after Wednesday 7. February at 12:00 must contact the race office.

Men over 65 years and women over 60 years are automatically placed in the pulje M65 +/K60 +. This group starts in the first group on both 25 km and 54 km. 

Holmenkollmarsjen is recognized for seeding in Birkebeinerrannet and Vasaloppet 2018.


How to get seeding.

There are three possible ways to seeded to Holmenkollmarsjen:

1. Automatic seeding. If you have one or more result from our defined seeding races, you have the opportunity to use the result that gives you the best starting position.  

2. Administrative seeding. If you have not participated in our defined seeding competitions, but have other results you want reviewed, you must select the administrative seeding.

3. Self-seeding. Selected by time estimate in your process to join the race.

Please enter your Birk-id if this race shall be used for seeding in Birkebeinerrennet 2018.

Do you mean that your seeding is wrong?

If you believe that your seeding is incorrect, you should check the following:

1. are you registered with the correct user name?

2. do you have the correct BirkID in the registration?

3. Have you written name/date of birth correctly?

The following flows are valid for your seeding:

Holmenkollmarsjen 2015, 2016 og 2017
Birkebeinerrennet 2017
Vasaloppet 2017
Marcialonga 2017 og 2018
Thorleif Haugs Minneløp