Date for race, terms and conditions

The last two years, Holmenkollmarsjen has been moved to alternative pathways and/or alternate date due to bad snow and/or road conditions. We are working constantly to ensure the best possible basis for being able to carry out the winter's most beautiful cross-country race in ordinary tracks the 10. February 2018

Please do note that if the Holmenkollmarsjen due to weather and road conditions are not capable of being conducted on scheduled event date, 10. February, the alternative date will be 3. March. 

Please also read the registration terms and conditions below carefully:

1. Binding registration.

Registration is binding. There is no refund by illness, injury, etc. the individual will need to provide for illness or injury insurance if this is desirable. 

2. Cancellation/rescheduling.

By cancellation of the Holmenkollmarsjen before the race day, Skiforeningen can keep 50% of the fee to cover expenses occurred.  If the race can’t be arranged on the 10. February, the alternative date will be 3. March. In the event of postponement of the race, all participants will be notified no later than 2. February. Registered runners who do not have the opportunity to start on new date, are not entitled to a refund of the paid entry fees. Skiforeningen can keep the entire fee by cancellation during the event day in the event of suddenly encountered weather conditions or another force majeure situation. 

3. The Transport, accommodation costs, o. l

Transport, accommodation costs and the like will not be refunded by illness, injury or when moving/cancellation of the Holmenkollmarsjen

4. Personal information and the use of individual images.

By registration to the Holmenkollmarsjen, you agree that:

-your name will be published in the start and result lists.

-personal data and results will be stored in our database in accordance with the provisions of the personal data Act (Personopplysningsloven). 

-situational pictures of you will can to be posted on the web by the Organizer, or a third party, by agreement with Skiforeningen. Such images will be included in the photo archive of Skiforeningen and be able to be reused in Skiforeningen’s journals, publications as well as on the web.  



5. General provisions.

Holmenkollmarsjen is being held in line with the rules and regulations from Norges Skiforbund: http://www.skiforbundet.no/langrenn/regler-og-retningslinjer/

Doping regulations set by Norges Idrettsforbund applies for Holmenkollmarsjen:

http:/ /www.antidoping.no/regler/nifs-lov/

6. Ski license.

Everyone that has home address in Norway must have a ski license, and information about this can be found on the website of Norges Skiforbund.  Choose from season if you plan to participate in more than one race in the winter, or a single-use license if you only will participate in Holmenkollmarsjen. License will not be refunded at the injury/disease or by removal/cancellation of the Holmenkollmarsjen.