Event partners

Holmenkollmarsjen is supported by various partners. All our partners contribute a lot, each in their own way, for the event to be a great experience for everyone who attends in the race.

OBOS. Holmenkollenmarsjen is presented by OBOS. OBOS and the Skiforeningen has a common believe that environments where neighbours mingle with positive activities and training build better «Neighbourhood» and good growing conditions. Therefore, OBOS promotes activity and training to all members of OBOS.

Intersport prioritizes professional advice to participants in Holmenkollmarsjen with proficiently and personalised service's around 80 stores across the Norway. Your start number can be picked up at Intersport, Oslo City Centre in Hammersborggate 9.

Craft – is ‘’dressing up’’ Skiforeningen during all activities; from instructors at Barnas Skiskole and volunteers on Barnas Holmenkolldag to ski instructors at ski schools, as well as voluntary officials during the Holmenkollmarsjen.


Dagens Næringsliv is the media partner for Holmenkollmarsjen. Many  of Dagens Næringsliv readers are very active and eager participants of the Holmenkollmarsjen, and DN makes an important contribution in spreading the happy message from Holmenkollmarsjen in the newspaper!

Imsdal. For thousands of years, the water has flowed from the underground source of the scenic Imsdalen at the foot of the mountains of Rondane. The crystal-clear source water has nature itself refined by thorough filtration through enormous sand masses. Today, the source water is drained directly from the source into bottles. Just as fresh, clean and tasty as nature created it.

Other partners to Holmenkollmarsjen:

Alpina – Ski boots, Ali – coffee, Bilia-cars/transport, Bixit-biscuits along the way and at the finish, Gilde - warm sausages at the finish, Madshus-ski, Maxim-Sport nutrition along the way and recovery at the finish, Ragn Sells-environmental partner, Polar-sport watches and prizes for the race, Rottefella – bindings for cross country skis, Swix – official supplier of ski wax and provider of wax- and pole service, United Bakeries – Food station at Kobberhaugsmyra and ‘’goodiebag’’ after the race, Veidekke - Community involvements in health/activity and among the companies that provide the most employees at Start line! Vørterøl – Traditional and healthful strength drink