Information for kindergarten/after school care and activity school

We believe that children should learn basic cross country techniques through playful exercises int the snow.

For kindergarten/after school care and activity school

Every winter in January and February the Children's ski school take place for kindergarten, after school care and activity school. Through a 5 week course (5 times x 75 min), children develop basic cross country skills through playful exercises.

Most kindergartens/after school care and activity school make use of our transportation offer. They will be picked up at an agreed time/place and escorted to and from one of our 11 different ski school areas.
Companions from the kindergarten/after school care/activity school will be with the children through the day and support them if needed. Our instructors will ensure a good atmosphere and offer playful, varied and fun activities through the course. 

Our focus during the course is to ensure that the children ecperience skiing as playful and fun. We will through the course customize our program to the children's skills and prerequisites.
The children's ski school is a unique arena for great skiing experiences and to ensure that the children develop balance, focusing and other important skills.
We experience that skiing without poles allows the children to learn, experience and improve the balance faster. We therefore only use ski poles on special occasions.
You will find the last day at the ski school special with a different set up for the skiing area, medal ceremony, biscuits and juice.

Find the ski area that is relevant to you 


 We offer following:

  5 -week ski course
  75 minutes course each time
  Exercise of basic cross country skiing techniques
  Qualified instructors
  Learning through playful exercises
  Varied program
  Customized activity area
  Snow proof ski areas due to snow production
  Great closing ceremony with a medal

Who can participate:

The children's ski school for kindergarten/after school care/activity school takes place during weekdays and daytime. In order for your child to attend the kindergarten/after school care/activity school must be registered. The children must be at least 4 years old by the end of 2017. Be aware that some kindergarten/after school care/activity school only offer this activity to special age group. 

There is unfortunately not possible for individuals to sign up for this course. Please take a closer look at the weekend courses.

If you are unsure whether your kindergarten/after school care/activity school are registered, please feel free to contact us.


Skiforeningen has a customized package including transport as well as the ski course. The kindergarten/after school care/activity school are free to arrange transport on their own if desired. We promise all participants a safe ride and we offer high standard of safety. All buses have safety belts.

Prices for 2018

  Ski course kr 970,- per child
  Transport  kr 395,- per child

All companions (employed in the kindergarten/after school care/activity school) are free of charge.

When does it take place?

   Course period: week 3 - 7

Kindergarten/after school care/activity school will get a fixed day through the 5 week course. The session last for 75 minutes each time and take place between 09:30 -16:00.

The kindergarten/after school care/activity school are able to influence which day is most suitable and we will be as flexilble as possibel.

The children's skischool brochure

Information to the guardian (in Norwegian)

Available Ski school ares with specific information of days and times. 
(with subject to changes)

Special places for free

For children with financial reasons Skiforeningen offers free courses.

"Veidekke children's fond" ensures that the ski school is available and possible for anyone. To be qualified the child must have some reduced payment in t he kindergarten/after school care or activity school. 

Both guardians or kindergarten/after school care or activity school can apply for a free place within the deadline of 15th of October 2017.

Application form


We recommend that the kindergarten/after school care/activity school join with minimum 1 companion per 10 children.

It is desirable that all companions participate actively during the course with skis. The companion's task is to support the instructors instruction and help the children when needed (follow the children to and from the bus, toilet etc.).

Physical and cognitive impairments

We wish that all children should be able to attend the ski school and implement for children with physical and/ or cognitive impairment. The child must bring his or her own assistant who is capable to ski.

Hire equipment?

Both children and companions who do not have their own ski equipment can borrow this free of charge during each session. Guardians need to register hire equipment during the registration for their child/children.
Companions who are in need of hiring equipment for free needs to contact us well in advance of the course.