Be prepared - an exhibithion about weather and climate

On September 8th the Ski Museum opened a new exhibition called Be prepared, about weather and climate changes.

Everyone cares about the weather. It is loved and hated and carefully taken note of. “But what is happening to our weather?” many ask. Where are the good, snowy winters, and why is there so much extreme weather? Or were winters always this bad? What is correct? Over millions of years, global temperatures have varied greatly, though slowly. Since 1850, however, man has increasingly affected the environment through industrialization and high CO2 emissions.

This exhibition is a cooperation between the Ski Museum and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.

In the exhibition you can face a heavy storm, predict the skiing conditions in a hundred years and see what you can do to help the environment on a daily basis.

Welcome to “Be Prepared!”