Guided tours

The Ski Museum in Holmenkollen is the world`s oldest museum of skiing. Our guides will give you a unique experience in Holmenkollen, and we can provide guides in all languages. The tour includes the Jump Tower.

Guided tours in the Ski Museum in the opening hours


Entrance per. person 140 NOK.

Guide: 1.500 NOK  (Max 30 persons pr guide)

Guided tours in the Ski Museum after opening hours

Experience Holmenkollen after opening hours. It is possible to combine the tour with drinks and food. We welcome small and large groups.


Entrance per.person 140,-

Guide 1500,- (Max 30 persons pr guide)

Extended opening 0-20 pax 4000,-

Extended opening 20 - 50 pax 6000,-

Extended opening 50 - 100 pax 12 000,-


Operation Manager lene.skretteberg@skiforeningen.no  or

Operation Coordinator silje.johnsen@skiforeningen.no