Packages for groups

Bring your group on a special experience in Holmenkollen

The Ski Museum and Holmenkollen offers uniqe experiences for groups and we have combined some activities for you to make it easier to choose. 

The prices are for the specific packages. If you only pick some of the activites you need to contact us for an offer. 

Guided tour in the museum and the ski simulator

Experience 4000 years of ski history and experience how it is to jump in Holmenkollen.

Price: 250 NOK per person

Minimum: 15 persons

Maximum: 30 persons

Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Can be booked during opening hours. If you would like to book after opening hours there will be an extra cost for location rent. 

Ski Museum

Ski simulator and an aperitif at the VIP grandstand

Experience how it is to jump in Holmenkollen and end it with a great view at the ski jumps VIP grandstand. The grandstand has a roof terrace and great view over Oslo. 

Price: 380,- per person (the aperitif is not included)

Minumum: 12 persons

Maximum: 24 persons

Time: 30 - 45 minutes

VIP grandstand

Guided tour Ski Museum and coffee and fresh pastery in the cafe

Experience the Ski Museum and the jump tower with a private guide and end it with a cup of coffee in our cozy cafe. 

Price: 250,- per person

Minimum: 15 persons

Maximum: 30 persons

Time: Around 90 minutes


All packages needs to be pre booked. The prices are based on the combination of the activities. 

For more information please contact us:

jeanette.hansen@skiforeningen.no or