Ski without snow

You can now see a mini exhibition about roller ski and summer ski at the Ski Museum.

Roller skiing is a popular and effective way to excersise

In the 1940s there had been made several attempts in different parts of Europe to make skis that could be used during the summer. In 1946 engineer Per Bache-Wiig sent a patent application for "Summerski" to the Norwegian Board of Industrial Legal Protection. Due to the existence of similar Swiss patents, Bache-Wiigs application was rejected.

In the 1970s the coach for the Norwegian cross-country team, Oddmund Jensen, went on a ten-day study trip to the DDR. In East Germany the cross-country team showed good results from using roller skis during the summer period. The visit functioned as a catalyst for experimentation and further production of a Norwegian roller ski for the Norwegian cross-country team to use during the summer season.

A large part of the collection of roller skis in the Skimuseum have been donated by the Norwegian sport college.

The Alpine season is also extended with summer grass skiing. Grass skis from Rollka can be used downhill during the summer. Today there are competitions for both grass- and roller skiing.