Ski courses

Skrevet av: Anders Øen — tirsdag 13. januar 2015

The Association for the Promotion of Skiing - Skiforeningen - was founded 4. January 1883. Our main object has all along been to promote skiing. If you would like to learn the art and joy of Nordic cross-country skiing you can join one of our courses, which are taught in English.

Find out why this is one of the most popular of all winter sports, and open up for a new way of experiencing winter in Norway! Using longer, thinner and much lighter skis than when downhill skiing, can be challenging. At our ski course you will learn new techniques that keep you balanced and comfortable while skiing. Our skiing-instructors are experienced and educated instructors, and the cross-country skiing takes place on prepared trails/tracks.

We arrange our courses:

  • Once a week over three weeks. The courses is arranged on Saturday and Wednesdays. 
  • We arrange ski course in three periods: P1: in week 2,3 and 4, P2; in week 5,6 and 7, P3; in week 9,10 and 11.
  • Meeting place: The courses is held from Fossum (on Wednesdays) and Tryvann at Øvresetertjern (on Saturdays). For road directions please see this link.
  • From 17 years and older
  • Prize 1390 NOK,- for members of the association, and 1690 NOK,- for non-members
  • All groups have a maximum size of 8 per instructor

The courses are for beginners and those with some experience:
Recommended for those who feel they need to learn and improve basic techniques. We focus on gliding (called diagonal skiing), proper use of the ski poles (called poling and double-poling), and other important techniques. All skiing is on prepared/ groomed tracks. 

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